Day 10: 168.6 Day hike and letting people catch up

For a few days some friends that I started with have been a day or so behind me and been doing the same mileage. So today I if possible wanted to link up with them and continue from Idyllwild together.

That left me with two potential plans. One was to hike on if they did not arrive and the other to do a day hike and then go back down to Idyllwild to meet up with them.

So in the morning I checked out and started a hike towards San Jacinto Peak via South Ridge Trail. Getting to the trailhead of the trail was tough going but once on the trail it was well graded and good going to Tahquitz Peak. From here you head to a junction with the PCT and continue towards San Jacinto.

 First snow. 
First snow. 

On the way I was waiting for word on whether they arrived or not. Once I had received word I finalized my plans for returning to Idyllwild where I would be zeroing the next day.

I made it to the peak around 1500 after about a total of 5400 ft of climbing from Idyllwild. I stayed a bit for pictures and the views before I had to head down to beat the dark.

I took the Devils Slide Trail down and were back in town around 1900. So a day with zero PCT miles that I will not have to redo but plenty of miles and elevation regardless.

 On top of San Jacinto.
On top of San Jacinto.

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