Day 36: 612.9-643.8

Today was another day with a few water carries so I wanted to get an early start. I woke with my alarm at 0500 and started hiking at 0530.

 Beautiful sunrise this morning. 
Beautiful sunrise this morning. 

Today I would be passing two water caches which cannot really be relied upon for water. Because of this I had stocked up with a lot of water at the last water source and still had quite a lot left. My plan if the caches had water was to camel up, meaning drink a lot at the cache.

I hit the first cache in about an hour and it had plenty of water so I drank about a liter before continuing.

This part of the hike was quite exposed and filled with cows so I was happy to do it early in the day. I found some nice rocks in the shade for breakfast and enjoyed my granola.

At breakfast I picked out a location for lunch, the Bird Pass Road. This location sometimes has a water cache and the presence or absence of this could shape the rest of my plans for the day.

As I arrived the cache again had plenty of water so I used it to prepare my dinner and camel up again. After a break of almost 90 minutes I continued on to what I realised was quite the climb. I struggled up this climb for more than an hour and passed some section hikers going the other way.

 Some blooming wildflowers this day
Some blooming wildflowers this day

After the climb I had to descend again but the descent was easy going due to the gentle grade. The trail had now entered a first which provided good shade from the sun.

I had noticed on the map that there was a cabin up ahead and wanted to reach it for the end of day. This would mean doing a 30 miles day, my longest so far. This proved nice as it provided cool temperatures for a dirt road walk.

 McIvers cabin where I stayed the night
McIvers cabin where I stayed the night

The cabin was in horrible shape but had a water source and chairs. Chairs are amazing when you are on trail as you spend most of your time walking.

I have heard the water here tastes of sulphur so I filled my dirty water bladder but decided only to use it if I have to. I still have quite a bit of water left and some potential water sources coming up. In about 25 miles water will no longer be an issue until I leave the Sierra again.

I will say that today I was very grateful for the caches, this section would have been hard without them.

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