Day 115 (20180723): 2641.3-2652.6

Today I finished my thru hike. I was at the monument at 0850 and took a few pictures before heading on towards Manning Park.

I started early at 0516 because I was really anxious to be done and about getting from Manning Park to Vancouver.

 A bit of snow in the early morning
A bit of snow in the early morning

I had a bit of climbing to do initially before starting a long downhill towards the border and the monument.

 Lovely early morning trail
Lovely early morning trail

Today was a day off lasts:
I packed up camp for the last time.
Filtered my last water.
Walked my last PCT miles.

The trail changed a lot with rocky sections, some overgrown sections and some very good sections. Generally it was pretty easy but did not provide any good views.

 Lovely early morning view
Lovely early morning view

Once at the border I finally saw the monument which was actually new, replaced just two days ago. Also I could easily see the clear cut border stretching away.

 Finally at the monument at the Northern Terminus
Finally at the monument at the Northern Terminus

After a few photos and selfies I entered Canada and started towards Manning Park. Just past the border I passed a trail crew working on a campsite.

The trail to Manning Park was steep in sections but generally good. The views however were not really there due to reading in forest the entire time.

Once I arrived at the Manning Park Resort i took the complimentary shower and after that some lunch.

Then I started trying to hitch a ride towards Vancouver.

As I was trying to hitch another hiker arrived and it took us a bit more than an hour to get a hitch. The hitch was really good since we got a ride all the way to Chilliwack which is close to Vancouver. From there we both took the Greyhound bus to Vancouver.

On the way to Vancouver I booked my expensive flight home for the next day and a hotel room for the night.

Once at the hotel room I started feeling the exhaustion hitting me. I have not been getting more than 6 hours of sleep the last many nights.

To celebrate my completion I had dinner at a steakhouse. After this I prepared for the journey home in my room.

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