Day 16: 256.2-266

Today we were heading in to Big Bear Lake as usual we set our alarms to 0430 and started hiking at 0515.

The night had been quite cold and I should probably had set my bivy up. The cold was nothing worrying but enough to be annoying. The night had been really cold before going to bed so I should have expected the cold night.

Early morning hiking to make it to Big Bear.

Early morning hiking to make it to Big Bear.

Getting started in the morning was chilly as well but not too bad once we got started. We had read that there was a shuttle to Big Bear Hostel at 0800 and wanted to get that shuttle. Sadly the shuttle no longer ran and we had to get a hitch.

We quickly got a hitch on a pickup truck that could fit all 5 of us. The driver took us all the way to the hostel and did not accept any cash for gas. Such amazing generosity.

Brandon picked up some balloons on the way. 

Brandon picked up some balloons on the way. 

We were in town early around 0900 and got a Hiker special breakfast at Teddy's. The breakfast was the first time I tasted biscuits and gravy and I was not impressed. Besides that the breakfast was really good.

After starting laundry we went to get resupply and add compensation for least stretch I got way too much food this time, better than not having enough I guess.

After collecting our clothes and sorting our resupply we went for a combined lunch and dinner at a Mexican place. I got a Burrito California which was amazing.

We made a quick visit to the sports store where I replaced my headphones.

After this we relaxed the rest of the evening.